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Giordini s.r.l. is an historic Italian brand that celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2024.

It is a family business now in its third generation and today it represents a thriving and true reality of the industrial scenario of Arezzo, famous around the world for its gold production.

Currently Giordana Giordini, head of the company with her brother Alessandro, holds the position of "President of the Confindustria Tuscany South gold jewellery section" which gives her a leadership and development role not only for her company but for the entire gold jewellery sector of Arezzo.

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A family history that has become a business reality.

  • The beginning

    The Giordini s.r.l. brand was officially founded in 1964, but the origins of this story are even more remote and refer to Olga Santini, who opens a small goldsmith laboratory.
  • The first generation

    Olga soon became associated with her partner, which later became her husband, and together they created Giordini s.r.l., a brand that will be registered with the number 156 AR. They started producing goods on their own, bought complex machinery, created jobs and established themselves in the market, they became known for their production of gold diamond cut beads.
  • The second generation

    The family also grows and with Giordana and Alessandro comes the second generation. The two brothers consolidate and develop the family business, expand the range of products, begin to look at international and prestigious fairs such as Las Vegas and Hong Kong.
  • A leading company

    They establish themselves as a leading company and export to America and Mexico, where they are personally present every month in direct contact with customers. They travel, observe and change in synergy with the demands of the markets, demonstrating managerial skills and flexibility.
  • The Change

    It presents the opportunity to invest in risky choices, to see new horizons in unknown markets, or turn to the Middle East and do it with new products, artifacts open to many different techniques and elaborating on aesthetic codes expressly aimed at the Arab world.
  • A new challenge and the third generation

    In addition to the Arab market, the Giordini family is preparing for a new change that will be carried on with the third generation, projected on to new markets.


directs and supervises the manufacturing of electroforming for the Giordini company. Always attentive to technological innovations, he invested in sophisticated and complex equipment and machinery and personally followed the training of specialized personnel to assist him in this delicate production phase. It also coordinates its sector with the design office, which it has expanded and enriched with operators and 3D printers, streamlining and perfecting the industrial steps to bring its company to a higher product quality.


personally follows the development strategy of the family business. He courageously opened the business to new markets and new countries. Over the years it has redefined the company's core business, based on precise strategies, profiling the products and services on which to base the business, locating the customers who represent the company's target, identifying the sales and distribution channels of the products, highlighting the points of the strengths and weaknesses of the company as well as the risks and opportunities in the market.


has strengthened the development strategies identified by Giordana, personally following the sales and distribution channels, expanding the network of international contacts and investing in new professional figures, with whom he coordinates and assists, consolidating the commercial success of the family business. Jacopo is also in continuous exchange with the design office and with the production sector to provide clear indications on which to orient the products, often going so far as to personalize the jewels based on the customer's needs and expectations.


The youngest of the third generation who, before joining the company, chose a different training path, in fact she graduated from the IED in Rome in Jewelery Design, bringing with her, on her debut at Giordini, a precious capital of new ideas and new goals to reach. In addition to personally following social communication on the Instagram and Facebook pages, he has created a promising new brand trademark registered and distributed by Giordini himself called Gioelle. Gioelle's creations have a refined design and wink at the world of fashion without being fashion jewellery, inhttps://www.giordini.it/nuovo/wp-admin/post.php?post=3104&action=edit# fact they remain precious jewels in gold and silver which, in accordance with today's times, follow the idea of "ethical gold" fully certified and sustainable
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Giordini s.r.l.

The Italian way of Gold

The Italian way of Gold