Giordini produces luxury goods which are cared for down to the last detail and the result of continuous stylistic and technological research.

It is an innovative brand that uses experience to look to the future, not closing in a finished aesthetic stereotype but developing constant product innovation, making use of specialized professional skills and quality, in relation to the needs and changes of the international market to which constantly turns its gaze to draw inspiration from the culture of Made in Italy.


Giordini jewels are made in electroforming, a complex procedure that requires numerous steps and the use of the latest generation machinery.

This production technique is the only one that allows you to create voluminous, articulated shapes, with a sculptural plasticity, moved in space and at the same time extremely light. Avant-garde products, therefore, that enclose the art of "handmade" in a single jewel, thanks to the contribution of artisans, artists and designers, with the rules of industrial production and a careful study that makes a synthesis between aesthetics and technology.



You will find gold embroidery, fretwork and transparencies, metal laces, flowers, Byzantine decorations that run on the electroforming surfaces where the shimmer of the pave and chains intersect, creating a unique and valuable effect for the end user who will wear it.